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Wetsuit Rentals

Need a wetsuit, but don’t have the bucks? Not sure you’ll continue after your first event? Come on over to Destination Kona where we have a whole fleet of new and nearly-new wetsuits to rent. You’ll get an expert fit in an Orca, Blue Seventy or Zoot wetsuit. All for only $55 for four days and $10 each additional day.

What’s more, if you love the suit and want to buy one just like it, we’ll apply the rental price toward the purchase of a brand spankin’ new suit. Just buy it within 30 days of the rental and it’s all yours.

Have questions about wearing a wetsuit? Wondering what water temperature requires or prohibits wetsuits? Visit the wetsuit section of our Tri 101 area for all the answers.

Please call 480-994-1174 to reserve one for your upcoming event.

Wheelset Rentals

Destination Kona also rents wheelsets. We have Specialized Roval Rapide 60CLX and Zipp 404 wheels available for your next event. All rental wheelsets are clinchers. The Specialized Roval Rapide 60CLX cost is $145 for four days and $15 for each additional day. Rentals include a 10-speed Shimano cassette, tubes, tires and valve extenders. Installation available upon request. Cassette change-out (yours instead of ours) $10 extra.

Like our rental wheelsets, you can apply the rental fee toward the purchase of any new wheelset over $500.

Please call 480-994-1174 to make a reservation for your upcoming event.

Bike Fitting

images-1_mediumBike fit is one of the most important things in cycling, triathlon and even just for tooling around town. A bad fit can lead to injury. Or at the very least, inactivity because riding isn’t fun when it hurts.

SPECIALIZED Certified Bike Fitter

Here at Destination Kona we want to make sure you get the right fit for your bike. We have a SPECIALIZED-certified bike fitter to help you with adjustments that make your experience more enjoyable and efficient on the road. We learned from the best


Basic Fit – $100

Analyze current configuration
Discuss rider desires and goals
Determine problem areas
Analyze pedal stroke
Adjust to optimal position
One follow-up adjustment
Recommend equipment
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Call us at 480-994-1174 to set up a bike fit appointment.

Bike Repairs + Maintenance

Breakdowns blow as do tubes. Tires unravel. Chains and cassettes squeak. We can help. Destination Kona services all types of bikes. We offer basic drivetrain cleaning and lubrication, including frame wipe down and gear adjustment for as little as $20. Tube replacement runs about $11, including the tube (cost depends on tube brand and size). Give us a call or bring your machine to the shop for a quote. Our friendly staff is ready to help. Just remember: You might have to leave it with us for a day or two.