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Brooke Schohl - Owner Destination Kona Triathlon Store

Owner - Brooke Schohl, MS, RD is one of the few true Arizona natives! She obtained a Master’s Degree in Nutrition from Arizona State University and holds two Bachelor’s Degrees in Communication & Nutrition. Brooke worked in pharmaceuticals for several years after finishing her first degree, but left in 2007 to pursue her dream of becoming a sports nutritionist.

In fall 2007, a friend proposed the idea of training for and completing the Olympic-distance Soma Triathlon in Tempe, Arizona. Brooke agreed – though she was not a swimmer, a cyclist, or a runner, to say the least! This first race began her love affair with triathlon. She has completed more than 40 races of varying distances including several 70.3 races, Ironman Arizona, Ironman Florida and Ironman Cabo.

Destination Kona/Fuel to the Finish is the brainchild of Brooke’s two passions…. endurance nutrition and triathlon. She incorporates her expansive nutrition knowledge, excellent writing and interpersonal skills, and significant triathlon experience into an unforgettable retail and nutrition coaching experience for her triathletes.

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John Schohl - Owner Destination Kona Triathlon Store

Owner- John Schohl

has competed in triathlons since 1997 and has completed over 65 triathlons, including 5 Ironman races. He was introduced to the sport of triathlon by his brother Joe and they still have a competitive sibling rivalry going after all of these years!

One of John's passion is to raise awareness for charities that have touched his life- Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, The Smile Train, Boys and Girls Club of East Valley and Team Hoyt.

Throughout his racing career John has been fortunate to have many friends and family contribute to these charities. He is excited that Destination Kona will be able to help expand that charitable support.

David Schohl - Operations Manager Destination Kona Triathlon Store

Operations Manager - Dave Schohl has over 15 years of experience in website creation, development, and implementation for a variety of e-commerce stores. This includes building out brands and platforms, leading and executing marketing efforts, and ultimately simplifying all website-related initiatives.

He has raced all levels of triathlon from Sprint to Ironman and was the newbie of newbies when he first began. In addition to triathlon he loves skiing, football, and all other sports. He and his wife, Lisa, have two young sons who are triathletes-in-training! He is an owner of Code Green Development - Software and Website Solutions.

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Frank Sole - Coach Destination Kona Triathlon Store and Sole Swim Solutions

Coach - Frank Sole is a premier swim coach and tactician. He has an extensive background in working with pro triathletes, Kona qualifiers and age groupers. Frank easily adapts to their talents, personalities and limitations and recognizes their abilities to maximize their swimming potential. Visit

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