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About DK Triathlon and Bike Store

We are passionate about triathlon – we love this sport and everything that it embodies! Dedication, passion, drive, goal-setting, time commitment, character building – triathlon requires a lot of you, but gives back exponentially. We are here to help you conquer your loftiest goals, and to achieve your wildest dreams. What are YOU capable of?!

We understand the importance of nutrition during triathlon training/racing and how it impacts performance. We will help you develop and follow an achievable nutrition plan that fuels you to the finish!

We welcome ALL triathlete levels without judgment. Every experienced triathlete was that newbie once upon a time!

Why Our Triathlon Store Exists

  • To promote & grow the sport of triathlon
  • To strengthen & expand the triathlon community
  • To provide quality products including gear & apparel to our customers
  • To provide exceptional, personalized endurance nutrition coaching to our customers
  • To provide education in various areas of the sport
  • To give back to the community
  • To support local and national organizations
  • To help YOU reach your goals!

What Sets Our Store Apart

Registering for a race, committing to the training, and crossing the finish line – this is an incredible accomplishment! But triathlon is more than getting a PR or qualifying for a exclusive race – it’s about setting goals, making lifestyle changes, improving nutrition, amping up physical activity, camaraderie, prioritization, supporting those in need, building confidence, and pushing the mind & body to the limit.

We are dedicated to your health, longevity, and happiness. We promote lifestyle change through the incredible sport of triathlon. Let’s take a step back and look at the BIG PICTURE!

You can visit our store in Scottsdale, AZ. We hope we can provide the triathlon gear, training and nutrition consulting services you need to get you to the finish line smiling! For more information about Destination Kona, contact us today or check out our blog.